BMHA Participants

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  • BMHA U15 C4
  • BMHA U15 C5
  • BMHA U18 C1 Female

BMHA All Star Skills Competition - Mar 16 from 8pm - 10pm, Bill Copeland

Come cheer for your favourite Bulldogs and Wildcats at our BMHA All Star Skills competition.

  1. Fastest Skater:  two players “face-off” at opposite ends of the ice at the centre line. They will take off from centre and skate as fast as they can to the other side of centre ice. The line is the finishing point. There will be timekeepers set up at each end to track skaters’ times. If entrant numbers permit; there will be a final showdown with the top-two skaters. There WILL also be a few surprise entrants, to be announced later.
  2. Fastest skater, Goalie Edition:  two goalies will start on the goal line at one end of the ice. They will race to the opposite blue line, and timekeepers will track each goalie’s times. The top-two goalies will face off in a final head-to-head. There is Potential for a surprise entrant, to be announced later.
  3. Most accurate shooter, Goalie Edition: Using any stick-handling method, each goalie will try to shoot ONE puck into the opposing net from centre-ice, then ONE from their blue-line, and finally, ONE from their crease. Most successful attempts will be the winner. Potential for a surprise entrant as well, to be announced later.
  4. Goalie Breakaway Challenge: each goalie faces x number of shooters, one at-a-time on a breakaway. The point is to see which goalie makes the most saves. If two goalies are tied at the end, they will face 3 sudden-death shooters, most saves wins. If they are STILL tied. They will attempt to score a breakaway goal themselves, on the opposing goalie! Potential for a surprise entrant, to be announced later.
  5. Most accurate shooter: a net will be set up either with x number of magnetic targets; or a shooter tutor. The objective will be to hit all the targets in the shortest amount of time. If time permits, there will be a showdown of the top-two. This event will feature a number of special guests.
  6. Hardest shot: a radar gun will be set-up alongside a net, measuring each entrant’s shots. All entrants will be given two shots on goal, and their best speed will be carried to the end. If time permits; there will be a final showdown of the top-two. This event will also feature a number of special guests.


Round Robin Schedule - All Games at Bill Copeland

Mar 17

  • 8:00 AM U15 C1 vs U15 C2
  • 9:45 AM U15 C3 vs U15 C4
  • 11:30 AM U15 C5 vs U18 C1 Female
  • 4:00 PM U15 C1 vs U15 C3
  • 5:45 PM U15 C5 vs U15 C4
  • 7:30 PM U18 C1 Female vs U15 C2

Mar 18

  • 8:00 AM U15 C5 vs U15 C3
  • 9:45 AM U18 C1 Female vs U15 C1
  • 6:00 PM U15 C2 vs U15 C4
  • 7:45 PM U18 C1 Female vs U15 C3

Mar 19

  • 8:00 AM U15 C4 vs U15 C1
  • 9:45 AM U15 C2 vs U15 C5


Finals Schedule

Mar 19

  • 4:45 PM Consolation Game
  • 6:30 PM Bronze Medal Game
  • 8:15 PM Gold Medal Game