As per BC Hockey requirements, every BMHA team requires the following rostered team officials:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Manager
  • Hockey Canada Safety Person (HCSP)

Team Official Qualifications

BC Hockey and Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association (PCAHA) provides certification requirements each the various team official roles.

Some certifications can be completed online (e.g., Respect in Sport, CATT) while others require attending a hosted clinic (e.g. coaching levels).   For more information on the various clinics and/or to register, please visit BC Hockey’s clinic page for the most up-to-date information.




Hockey Canada has developed an online course to inform players, parents, safety people, officials and coaches on how to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19 called: ‘Planning a Safe Return to Hockey’.  The course is mandatory for: coaches, safety people and officials prior to registering for the 2020-21 season. This course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and there is no charge. The ‘Planning a Safe Return to Hockey’ course can be accessed through the Hockey University platform HERE.


How to Apply for Clinics & Hockey Canada ID

You will require a “HOCKEY CANADA ID”.  If you play for ASHL or were involved in any minor hockey association in the past, you will already have an ID.

If you do not have one, instructions on how to create your Hockey Canada ID can be found here.

With your ID, go to the Hockey Canada eHockey website and create a new account or sign in.   The eHockey website is where you register for clinics.  You can also add the profiles of your children to your profile and manage their clinics as well.  The eHockey website will keep a record of all clinics attended, ecertifications obtained, and teams to which you have been rostered.

Criminal Record Check

As part of our risk management process it is mandatory that all BMHA volunteers complete a Criminal Record Check (CRC) every 2 seasons.

The CRC can be completed online via the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Online.  Please select "Request a New Record Criminal Check".  Once submitted, the results will be forwarded to the BMHA Risk Manager after 3 business days.



If your fingerprints are required, take with you a copy of the BMHA Volunteer Letter when you go to the main RCMP Branch, 6355 Deer Lake Avenue (8am to 8pm,  days a week) or any community detachment within Burnaby, along with 2 pieces of government-issued ID (one must have a picture of yourself) and proof Burnaby residency.

Please contact if you have any questions or require assistance.

Clinic Fee Reimbursement

Registering for clinics will require you pay online at time of registration.  BMHA will reimburse rostered Team Officials for completion of their required certifications.


HCSP & RIS Reimbursements

For Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP) and Respect In Sport (RIS) clinic costs, please email with your name, team that you were rostered to, and a copy of your receipt and completion certificate, along with the address to which to mail your cheque all contained within one email.


Coach Clinics Reimbursements

Coach 1 Certification: For all new coaches who attended the Coach 1 – Intro to Coach Clinic, there is no post work required. You can submit both your HU – Online Coach 1/Coach 2 and Coach 1 – Intro to Coach receipts for reimbursement.

Coach 2 Certification: For all new coaches who attended the Coach 2 – Coach Level Clinic, attendees are required to complete post-task assignments that must be first verified by the Head Coach of BMHA.   In-person Coach Assignment Check & Signoff sessions will be held in late January/early February for verification.  Once verified, you can then submit the post-task assignments to BC Hockey for formal certification.   Once you have been certified, you can then submit a reimbursement request for your coaching clinic fees to with a copy of your receipt.

2020/21 Season Coach 2 Assignment Check & Sign-off Schedule:
Due to Covid, there will not be "Assignment Check & Sign-off Dates" at the rink as in past years.  Please contact email to make arrangements.