Officials perform a vital role in the game. At all levels, the referees and linesmen are the third team on the ice, without whom the game would not happen.


Referees are expected to be knowledgeable about the rule book but there is also a lot of other information you need for the season.  Knowledge will assist you in handling many game situations.  Be prepared!


All the primary information you need for the season can be found here.  Information regarding the various assignors in the Lower Mainland is listed.  You can also find Grading levels and game allowances.  Click here


BC Hockey

You can find clinic registration information here.  This is a good source for training material.  The Hockey Canada casebook and various and various manuals can be found.  There are a lot of interesting  videos created by the WHL. Click here


Hockey Canada

A great document outlining the pathway for officials can be found on the Hockey Canada website. Click here

Links to download the Hockey Canada rule book app can be found here.

Link to Hockey Canada officiating page



If you worked the previous season, you are a returning official and must register for a returning official clinic with BC Hockey by December in order to re-certify.

If you are 15 years or younger, you register as a level 1 returning clinic and if you are 16 years or older, you register in a level 2 returning clinic.

If you are turning 18 this year, you must complete a Criminal Record Check and submit it to BC Hockey prior to registering for a clinic.

Click here to access information regarding certification clinics.


UPDATE: June 7, 2024

This is for NEW officials only

The application period for the clinic will be announced in September 2024

BMHA members that are interested in becoming an official can submit their online application during the specified window. Link will be posted on this page when applications open.

All applications will be reviewed and all applicants will be notified whether they have qualified or not.  You must be 12 years old by the end of the year, but no older than 16 years old.

Selection is NOT first come, first in.   

Space is limited!

The certification process will be as follows:

  • Only successful candidates will be asked to complete an online training module. This prerequisite is mandatory and must be completed FIRST before you register for the in-person portion. You will not be able to complete your clinic registration if this is not completed!
  • The in-person clinic will consist of a 5 hour classroom session as well as a 1.25 hour on-ice session.
  • Attendance at both sessions is mandatory. There will be no other makeup sessions.
  • New officials will begin their officiating career in U9 or U11C.


Thank you for your interest!

Link will be posted here when applications are open.



As an on-ice Official, you are representing BC Hockey, and as such are expected to follow BC Hockey standards.

Mandatory Equipment for Officiating

  1. CSA approved BLACK helmet WITH half visor
    • Or full cage WITH an electronic whistle
    • No team decals
  2. Two finger Referee whistle (No lanyard, wrist strap style)
    • Suggested: Acme Thunderer or Fox 40 (the steel ones are traditional)
    • Fox40 Official NHL Caul Whistle is popular in the NHL
  3. PLAYER SKATES only – no goalie skates or figure skates permitted
    • White, or black and white laces
  4. Black shell pants or officiating pants.  NO TEAM LOGOS.
  5. Hockey Official’s jersey (stripes)
    • Crests will be provided
  6. Jock or Jill
  7. Equipment bag
  8. Hockey Canada rule app (if you have a phone)
    • Or hard copy rule book
  9. Water bottle

Helmet, visor, skates and whistle will be necessary by clinic time.  The other items may be acquired later but before any game assignments.

Optional Equipment

  1. Shin pads (recommended for U13A and above)
  2. Elbow pads (recommended for U13A and above)
  3. Protective girdle
  4. Extra whistle
  5. Note book
  6. Tape
  7. Laces/string to repair nets
  8. Red Arm bands or Head referee jersey with armbands pre-sewn on (not mandatory for first year, but recommended to have at least the armbands)