It is the philosophy of Burnaby Minor Hockey Association that all youth who wish to learn the skills of hockey should have the opportunity to do so, within the limitations of available facilities, financial restrictions and available volunteer coaches.  It is also the philosophy of BMHA to provide an environment in which our athletes can learn hockey skills, play hockey at a level consistent with their aspirations, learn good sportsmanship and develop into young men and women that their parents and community can be proud.


1. Burnaby Minor Hockey Association:

  • To promote, foster and encourage good citizenship and sportsmanship among the members, officials and the players of the Association;
  • To develop and provide opportunities for learning, enjoying and participating in the games of amateur ice hockey;
  • To establish, maintain and promote the level of public interest and awareness to increase participation in amateur hockey;
  • To develop, conduct and supervise effective hockey activities; and to coordinate complimentary programs in conjunction with the Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission;
  • To support initiatives to build or improve facilities dedicated to the game of amateur ice hockey;
  • To recognize, encourage and support individuals and organizations that contribute to the success of youth ice hockey programs.


2. Player Development:

  • Provide instruction and leadership that maximizes the athletic potential of all players in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere while promoting personal growth through team development both on and off the ice.


3. Coaching Development:

  • Provide a program that promotes talents in leadership, youth development, and hockey instruction while providing coaches with ongoing education in a defined and structured program.


4. Referee Development:

  • Provide instructional clinics for those who wish to become referees or to update their skills as referees.  Ensure interested individuals can develop these skills and desire to continue as referees without undue criticism from coaches, parents and players.


5. Players/ Guardians:

  • Offer an enjoyable program that includes the involvement of the parents as volunteers, and ensure this involvement provides the positive energy needed to help strengthen and direct our program to higher levels and best enjoyment of our participants.

Constitution, Bylaws and Policies

Burnaby Minor Hockey Association's Constitution, policies, procedures, and financial statements can be found on our Forms & Documents page.