There are four types of new players to BMHA. Each type goes through a different registration process.

Please check carefully to ensure you are registering for the correct type of new player.

TYPE 1 - New Players - Born in Canada - if you are born in Canada, live in Burnaby and have never registered with another minor hockey association

TYPE 2 - New Players - Born Outside of Canada - if you were born outside of Canada and hold a birth certificate from another country (even if you have lived in Canada for many years), you are classified as an "international player"

TYPE 3 - Player Transfers from Other Associations (Except BWC) - if you are transferring from another minor hockey association

TYPE 4 - Player Transfers from Winter Clubs (BWC, NSWC, etc.) - players who are transferring from Burnaby Winter Club

All registrations will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Registrations are subject to available space in each age division, and it may be necessary to limit player and goaltender registration numbers.

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For any registration questions, please contact

Apply for a Hockey Canada Registration Number

Before your start the registration process you must have a HCR#

Before you can register, you MUST have a Hockey Canada Registration Number (HCR#). A HCR# is issued by Hockey Canada and can take up to 5 days to receive.

Hockey Canada will send your HCR# to the BMHA Registrar and our Registrar will contact you with your new HCR#.

After you received the HCR# for your athlete, the BMHA Registrar will contact you for the necessary birth certificate and residency documents and then you can complete your registration.

If you already have a HCR# you may skip this step and proceed to one of the registration types below.

Select your New Player Type to Register