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It’s been a while since BMHA hosted the Spring Blast tournament.  It’s good to be able to revive this tournament especially this year when a lot of the tournaments that our U15 house teams registered for got cancelled (Thanks Omicron!). 

We started the tournament with a skills session. 

Over 40 players from 6 BMHA house teams participated in the 2 hr skills competition.  Two SFU goalies (Cale Dolan and Michael Lenko) also joined us and competed against our BMHA players. 

I would like to thank all the volunteers, team managers, players, coaches, and BMHA executives who helped out and made this tournament possible.  This event is an example of what we, as an association, can do when we all work together.

Jason Uy

Spring Blast Tournament Director

2022 Skills Competition Winners

2022 Skills Competition Results

2022 spring blast skills

2022 Spring Blast Tournament Winners

The next three days of the tournament were dedicated to 12 round robin and 3 finals games. 

The teams played hard, had fun, and maintained great sportsmanship.  They also brought back the post game fist bump (after 2 long years). 

Wildcats U18 C1 played U15 C4 for the  consolation game.  The Wildcats won in overtime courtesy of a nice breakaway goal by Lauren Lew. 

U15 C2 won against U15 C1 to capture the bronze medal, despite losing to U15 C1 during the round robin game. 

U15 C3 settled for the silver medal, after U15 C5 won in the 4th round of shootout.

Congratulations U15 C5 for a well deserved championship.