With our younger divisions in skill groups focusing on development and our older divisions now in PCAHA league play, we are thankful that we have been able to get everyone back on the ice safely.

As we begin to head to other rinks to play in other communities, please keep in mind that every venue will be different – team managers will be communicating with the other teams to provide you key information about the procedures in place and what you will need to know.  Please do what you can to keep everyone safe and follow the policies outlined.

However, as we have been sharing with you, things continue to constantly change.   Please note the following amendments to policies for Copeland, BLA & Kensington arenas:

  • Masks are now to be worn by everyone at all times when not on the ice surface.
  • No hockey bags are permitted in the arena (exception for the goalies). Only a small personal bag, no bigger than what can hold hockey gloves, skates, helmet, water bottle and hygiene kit.
  • For game times, the City facilities now require 5 City staff to be included as part of the 50 – this will reduce the number of Covid helpers allowed.

These changes have been noted in the revised RTP and the new Ice Time overviews which can be found on the Covid Updates page of the website.  And yellow highlights have been added to the documents to identify the changes from previous versions.

We appreciate that these changing rules can be cause frustration – but please remember that everyone is on the same side … all trying to keep everyone safe while keeping the kids on the ice.

Thank all of you for your continued support and patience!