We would like to remind all members of our commitment to maintaining a respectful and safe environment during BC Hockey sanctioned events. BC Hockey’s policy strictly prohibits the use of tobacco, cannabis, drugs, and any banned or restricted substances at these events.

BC Hockey Policy 4.6 is very clear.  BC Hockey prohibits the use of tobacco, cannabis, drugs and banned/restricted substances during BC Hockey sanctioned events as outlined in the Policy.

PCAHA Regulations Section E(3) states, “Use of illicit drugs, cannabis or alcohol before, during, or after a game will not be tolerated and may draw a heavy suspension.  The referee is to report the incident in full detail to the Managing Director.”

Additionally, we have been informed by PCAHA of an ongoing TikTok challenge that involves players imitating a blind person on the ice, mockingly directed at officials. PCAHA has emphasized that such behavior is not only disrespectful but also against the principles of sportsmanship and fair play. They have warned of serious consequences for such actions, which could escalate to penalties as severe as a gross misconduct (making a travesty of the game). It is crucial that all players are made aware of these guidelines and the importance of avoiding such inappropriate behavior on the ice.