Each year, the BMHA asks for nominations of outstanding individuals who have helped make the season great!

For our players, we recognize deserving individuals through our “Player and Goaltender Awards” at the “Rep” and “C” levels of our integrated and female programs.

These awards are presented each year at a special ceremony after the conclusion of the season.

There are three category of awards: General Player Awards, Goaltender Awards, Association Awards.

** To be eligible, the individuals must be a registered member in good standing with the BMHA


1. Gary Boyle Memorial Award – Sportsmanship, Character & Hockey Ability

2. Most Valuable Female Player

3. Alfred Balfry Memorial Award – $1000 Bursary – Must be Grade 12 Student – Team Play, Character, Sportsmanship & Hockey Ability.

4. Female Scholarship Award – $1000 Bursary – Must be Grade 12 Student – Team Play, Character, Sportsmanship & Hockey Ability


1. Most Valuable Rep Goaltender

2. Jack Gilroy Award – Outstanding Goaltender – U11 House

3. Most Valuable Female Goaltender

4. Terry MacLean Memorial Award – Most Valuable House Goaltender


1. Don Boyd Memorial Award – Service to the Association

2. Rep Coach of the Year

3. House Coach of the Year

4. Female Team Coach of the Year

5, Tony Marzitelli Memorial Award – Outstanding Team Manager

6. Safety Award – Outstanding HCSP volunteers in the area of safety and risk management at the team level.



Nominations can be accepted from everyone, including our team officials, general membership and the community.

Additional information is encouraged to assist in the selection of deserving individuals for our awards. Attachments can also be provided if this can help support your nomination.

You can nominate an individual in more than one category but MUST submit a SEPARATE FORM for each award. Please be clear which award you are nominating for and feel free to nominate in more than one category.

Nomination Deadline for 2023-24 Season is March 10, 2024

Nominations are now closed