BC Hockey Development Award-Coaching: Robin Deitch

Robin spent the 2020-21 season immersed in hockey and helping improve the game by lending his expertise to both players and coaches. The norm for most coaches is coaching a single team through a single minor hockey association (MHA), but not Robin. No chance. One team is a good start. Robin coached four teams during the 2020-21 season at two MHAs. He was the head coach for the Female U15 team at Burnaby MHA. He coached three teams for North Vancouver MHA as he was the head coach for the U6 and U11 teams as well as an assistant coach for the U18 Tier 2 team.

Robin also spent a tremendous amount of time helping coaches grow their skill and knowledge during the 2020-21 season. He facilitated clinics at every level and by the time the season had come to a close he had done 16 clinics. He also mentored rookie facilitators through their first clinics, and co-led the very first BC Hockey online clinic. While doing all this he found time to mark 26 Development 1 post-tasks and serves as the District Coach Coordinator for Lower Mainland – West.

Congratulations Robin!