Player groupings and ice times have now been added!   For those who have not yet checked, if you log into your TeamSnap account, you will see that you have been assigned to a “Group” for your age division and ice times for the first two week have been scheduled. Again, please note that these are not teams, but are interim groups so that we can get the players back on the ice as we work towards evaluations and team formation as our next steps.

To help prepare the players for their return to the ice, please carefully review “Ice Sessions – What to Expect” prior to your first ice time. In addition, we will be relying heavily on all of you to help keep our kids safe & healthy this season – “Covid-19 Volunteer Duties” provides an overview of the duties for when you help at various ice sessions throughout the year.  Your Division Manager may also be reaching out with additional information specific to your age division.   If you have any questions, please contact your Division Manager.

So excited to see everyone back on the ice!