Hello BMHA Members,

Further to the email we sent on Nov. 22, we have now received the approval from our facility partners to return to a “Restricted Phase 3”.

With respect to games:

  • We will only be playing within our own association – BMHA teams will play other BMHA teams.
  • BMHA Executive has provided PCAHA with recommended BMHA cohorts identifying the specific teams within each division.
  • These are considered “games”, and as such will continue to use HiSports, require scorekeeper/timekeeper, include referees, etc.
  • It is expected that PCAHA will be providing a schedule for each cohort up until Dec. 17. Teams will also be allowed to request additional exhibition games with teams within their own cohort.
    • For U11 & older – the schedule could start as early as tomorrow, so please be prepared.
    • For U9 Minor & U9 Major – the schedule will start as of Dec. 1
    • For U7 Major – game play will not start till after Jan. 1

Until games start for your division/cohort, practices will continue and can move back to a Phase 3 delivery (e.g., battle & compete drills, scrimmages).

For specific details/questions for each of the divisions, your Division Manager or BMHA Executive overseeing the division will be able to provide you additional information. They may be reaching out with an email or please feel free to contact them directly.

These BMHA games will be a great way to put the fun back into the game for the kids – thank you!