Every player profile in the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) now has online waiver signing and they are mandatory.

If you log into your athlete’s profile and see the words “Mandatory waiver needs to be signed“, you MUST sign them otherwise your athlete will stop being available in Game Sheets and will therefore be ineligible to play until they’re all signed.

Log into your Spordle account HERE.

Please follow these steps to sign the waiver:

  • Please log into Spordle and open your athlete’s profile. If you  see the “Mandatory waiver needs to be signed

  • Click on the “Waivers” tab and click on “Sign all  mandatory waivers”



  • It will look like this when they aren’t signed

  • And will look like this when they are signed.
  • This MUST be done for all  unsigned waivers. Your athlete will be ineligible to play until  they’re all signed.