BMHA has released updated protocols outlining interim rules for participation and rink entry requirements.  They are also available in PDF Format as well.


BMHA is working to adhere to the requirements from the BC Provincial Health Officer, Hockey Canada, BC Hockey, ViaSport, PCAHA, Canlan, and the City of Burnaby.  We also want to balance memberships desire to access the rinks as Spectators.

BMHA Interim Rules for Participation are:

  1. If your child has been directly exposed to someone, or has themselves tested positive for COVID-19:
  • Do Not Come to the Rink
  • Notify your Team Manager


  1. If your child is not feeling well or has COVID-19 symptoms:
    • Do Not Come to the Rink
    • Notify your Team Manager
    • Monitor your child’s health
    • Return to the Rink only when there are Zero Signs or Symptoms of COVID-19


  1. *NEW* When at the rink, spectators will now need to pass vax verification for at least 2 vaccination doses (as of October 24th) before entering arenas per viaSport’s Return_to_Sport_Restart_2.0: See implementation procedures for rink entry on next page.
    • All Spectators are required to wear a mask while in the arena.
    • *NEW* Spectators should enter no sooner than 15 minutes before game time (30 minutes for U11 and younger for those who require help with skate tying). Spectators should wait outside after the game finishes for their children to exit the building.
    • Spectators are to socially distance from people not in their household.
    • All players must wear a mask when in the arena, except that players may go without a mask only while on the field of play (ice surface, bench, and penalty box) and when moving between the field of play and the change room in full gear.
    • All coaches and volunteers must wear a mask when in the arena.
    • All coaches and volunteers are highly recommended to wear a mask on the field of play, especially where participants are present who are under the age of eligible vaccination.
    • Always follow additional rules set by the arena facility and be prepared for changes.
    • Sanitize your hands when entering and leaving the arena.
    • If there is any reason to believe that you are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, please stay home to protect yourself.


  1. *NEW* For teams:
    • There is to be no running inside the arena during pre-game warm-ups.
    • As per PCAHA, please replace post-game handshakes with “stick-tapping” from your own blueline.



Procedure for Rink Entry

BMHA is required to follow all protocols as set out by governing bodies. Based on viaSposrt’s newly released chart, all ticketed or un-ticketed ice times must complete vax verification where there are an anticipated 50 or more spectators present.


Away Games & Other Associations/Facilities

BEFORE visiting other associations for away games, check their association website for required protocols. Some associations are implementing additional requirements and officials may be asked to vax verify or asked to adhere to additional requirements.


City of Burnaby Rinks

As a result of viaSports announcement, BMHA will require the following while at City of Burnaby Rinks:

  • All game-time-ice to implement vax verification of all spectators
  • All practices to implement vax verification of all spectators where there are more than 50 spectators anticipated. Easiest way to manager this is to limit 1 spectator per skater.


  • Players and officials are presently exempt from vaccination verification (i.e., players, team officials & referees).
  • Spectators who wish to enter the arena are required to provide verification of vaccination. See provinces instructions for providing vaccination verification; Proof of vaccination and the BC Vaccine Card – Province of British Columbia (
  • Spectators are presently not exempt unless under the age of eligible vaccination. Spectators under the age of eligible vaccination are to sit or stand in close proximity to their household and are to remain socially distant from other households.
  • Each team is responsible for designating 2 volunteers. The first volunteer will filter players and officials, from spectators. The second volunteer (recommend HCSP) will need to greet all arriving spectators and to use BCs vaccine verification app.
  • The volunteer is also required to view one piece of government issued picture ID of spectators before allowing them to enter the arena. The volunteer is only responsible for individuals who are part of the BMHA ice rentals. This includes visiting teams’ spectators.
  • There will be zero tolerance for abuse of volunteers.
  • *REMINDER* If an individual enters the arena and has not provided the vax verification using the process required, they will be reported to both arena employees and to BMHA Executive. On the first occurrence, BMHA will issue a one ice time suspension. On the second occurrence, BMHA will issue an additional 2-ice time suspension. On the third occurrence, BMHA will issue a 3-ice time suspension and will report to BMHA’s independent disciplinary committee for expulsion from the association. Suspensions and expulsions will apply to all members of the household/parent and player(s) related to the individual.


  • To Enter the Arenas
    • Burnaby Lake and Bill Copeland:
      • For ice time in Burnaby Lake Arena or Bill Copeland, please Enter through Bill Copeland’s Main Front Entrance
      • The City will redirect onsite to security to this entrance as a supporting presence
      • Burnaby Lake arena’s front doors will be locked to Enter
    • Kensington Arena:
      • Enter through the front Entrance
    • To Exit the Arenas
      • Burnaby Lake and Bill Copeland:
        • If your ice time is in Burnaby Lake, please exit through Burnaby Lake arena doors.
        • If your ice time is in Bill Copeland, please exit through the lower lobby doors or the upper lobby doors.
      • Kensington Arena:
        • Exit through the front Entrance doors.
      • For assistance at the arenas please contact the Arena Service Workers:
        • Bill Copeland & Burnaby Lake – 604-320-2212
        • Kensington – 604-220-2583


Canlan Arenas



BMHA is an association where all Board Members are volunteers. Thank you for your continued understanding, patience and compassion towards fellow colleagues, volunteers, friends, and our overall hockey community. The success of this hockey season will depend on every coach, volunteer, parent, and player following procedures, being forthcoming, being smart, and doing our part.