Hello BMHA Members,

The BMHA Picture Ice Time schedule has now been provided to the Head Coaches & Team Managers, and they will be letting you know what day/time has been scheduled for your team.

As mentioned in Stix N Pux:

  •  The schedule starts THIS SATURDAY, Feb. 13.  Retakes/rescheduling will be extremely difficult this year – please attend the scheduled time.
  • Every player must complete an order form with their name/phone number/team info (e.g., U9MinorC1)
  • BMHA provides each player a complimentary “memory mate” (which includes individual photo and team photo) – if you are not ordering any additional photos, you can leave the “package” part of the form blank
  • For this season, completed photo order forms must be returned to your team manager before the scheduled picture ice time.   Please return your completed forms ASAP and do not wait until the ice time to hand it in.
  • Photos will be taken in “full gear” (due to no changing at the rink) – and a reminder to not have any “green” (e.g., green tape or green laces)

Thank you!