All new player registration for Burnaby Minor Hockey Association is done in person.   The governing bodies (Hockey Canada, BC Hockey, Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association) require us to confirm the validity of the required registration documents.

Please attend one of our in-person registration sessions during the summer (typically during the month of July).  Once our in-person sessions have been completed, you will need to contact to see if there is space available.

Please be sure to read all requirements listed below carefully.

Register early to avoid being placed on a wait list!  All registrations will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Registrations are subject to available space in each age division, and it may be necessary to limit player and goaltender registration numbers.

New to Minor Hockey Requirements

For Burnaby residents who have never been registered with any minor hockey association, simply follow the steps outlined below:

1) In-person Registration Session Dates

Our in-person sessions have now been completed.  To register, please contact to see if there is space available.

2) Player Registration Form

Please complete and bring a Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association Player Registration Form.

Note: When completing the form, be sure to use the email address you want BMHA correspondence sent to. Next to our website, this is our primary method of communication.

3) Documents Required for Registration

All applicants must bring with them to the registration session:

a. One (1) completed copy of the "Player Registration Form" mentioned in Step 2

b. One (1) copy of Child's Birth certificate

c. Two (2) proofs of residence in Burnaby: Suitable proofs include bills such as Hydro, Fortis BC, Telephone LAND LINE (not cellphone), cable or City of Burnaby Utility or Property Tax. (A Shaw bill covering both cable and phone is counted as ONE proof of residence).

  • Must be current (not older than 3 months)
  • Do NOT black out information
  • Bill must be in its entirety
  • PDF printouts are acceptable from online accounts
  • NOT ACCEPTED AS PROOF OF RESIDENCE: Cellphone bills, any correspondence or paystubs, credit card bills.
  • Residency can only be proven by primary bills of services installed at the home of the player being registered or by lease/rental agreements.

d. One (1) completed BMHA Registration Question Form - found here under the BMHA Registration Forms & Documents

4) Payment

Credit Cards (Mastercard or Visa) are our only accepted method of payment. Unfortunately, no cash or cheques will be accepted.

FAQs for New Players

An FAQs for First Time Registrants to Burnaby Minor Hockey Association has been created to help provide an understanding about the world of minor hockey and how BMHA works.


Also if you need help figuring out what type of equipment is needed, here is a Required Equipment List guide to help equip your child.

Players Transferring to BMHA from other associations

If you are a new player to BMHA, but are transferring from another Association, you will need to provide the above proof of identity and residence as well as the Player Registration Form and BMHA Registration Question Form (both mentioned above), and the Player Movement Form (found here).   The Player Movement Form must be completed and signed by the old Association and both parents (even if the player only lives with one), and by the player if they are entering the Atom or older divisions.  As well, it is important to review PCAHA's Residential Qualification Information.  There will also be a player movement fee of $15.

Transfer between BMHA and BWC

Player movements between Burnaby Minor (BMHA) and Burnaby Winter Club (BWC) Minor Hockey only require the Player Movement Form (mentioned in the above paragraph) and the BMHA Registration Question Form (found here), provided the player resides in Burnaby. No additional paperwork is required. These transfers are subject to a Special Player Movement fee of $75. Deadline is September 1, 2019.