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"Balancing" in C divisions


Most parents don't pay a lot of attention to this process until their child is one of the players that must make a move so I will outline what balancing is, why it is required, and how you can help to make the process easier on the kids. 

What is "Balancing"?
Balancing is a term used by PCAHA to describe a process by which teams within a division are evaluated and, through player movements, start the season at even strength.

Why does BMHA balance teams?
As a member of PCAHA (Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association) we are mandated to have balanced teams. This is a mandatory requirement of being a minor hockey association in the Pacific Coast region. We are not able to opt out of the process, and the final declaration of whether or not teams are (balanced√∑ is the prerogative of PCAHA, not BMHA. We simply facilitate the process and do our best to bring the teams into alignment before PCAHA makes any final moves.  

How is balancing done?
Your child is temporarily assigned to a group of skaters at the start of the season. The first couple of weeks are primarily used for warm-up. Then these groupings begin to play games against each other to determine if they are of equal strength. During the next month or so, stats are evaluated, and decisions are made by BMHA staff as to how to redistribute players with the intention that no single group is stronger or weaker than the others. If we discover that our groups are unbalanced, we are obligated to redistribute players to make them more even. This continues until our groups are balanced and PCAHA gives our newly formed teams official status. PCAHA has the right to unilaterally declare these groups not balanced and, in some cases, decide which players will be moved. 

How can we make the process easier on the players?
1. Coaches & managers were informed at the Coaches/ Managers Meeting at the beginning of the season the Executive's wish that they refer to the pre-balanced groups as exactly that - groupings, not teams - and asked that they make it clear that initial allocations are temporary. We also wanted them to make parents aware that players can be moved anytime up to January 10th according to PCAHA rules.  

2. It's imperative that parents also do their bit to make any moves less stressful on their children. Please have a discussion with them at the beginning of each season regarding balancing and let them know that these groupings are temporary. If your child does have to be moved, your reaction will dictate your child's feeling on the matter. Being positive will go a long way to minimizing the temporary disruption of such a move.

If you have further questions regarding balancing, please refer to the FAQs or contact communications AT