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% 26lt; positive% 26gt; in order to strengthen the practice link we pay attention to the five rooms and base construction, renovation of the chemical laboratory and biological laboratory, but also the expansion of the specimen chamber and the specimen room a thousand kinds of plants, fruit, insects and other specimens. Combined with professional needs, an increase of books, newspapers and periodicals, the school library collection of 7000 more than and built that can accommodate 50 people reading room, convenient for students, enlarge students\' horizons. And according to the professional setting, convenient operation and learning, in michael Kors Outlet Canada addition to regular set in a planned and organized to Jixi fruit field, Jidong michael Kors Handbags Canada fruit field, 8510 farm michael Kors Canada Outlet practice, we also run from small farms, small orchards, vegetable gardens, we invested up to more than 5 million michael Kors Wallet Canada yuan, the construction of. The effect of -40 induced pruritus and histamine induced itch in guinea pigs was observed after the administration of the drug. The wind heat soup on serum antigen with anti allergic effect and xylene induced mouse ear edema and pronghorn vegetable gum induced rat paw swelling has significant anti-inflammatory effect, can prolong the latency of itching in mice induced by dextran 40 and reduce the number of itching, on histamine itch Michael Kors Canada antipruritic effect. Conclusion anemopyretic decoction has anti-inflammatory, anti allergic and antipruritic effect..